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Best File Recovery Software
  • June 20, 2020
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5 Best File Recovery Software Solutions To Protect Your Data

Here’s some good news: The best file recovery software doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Maybe you use your computer or device for important business documents. Or maybe you have hundreds of priceless family photos and videos stored on your hard drive. Computers are a lifeline for many people, and you can’t afford to lose all your critical data in the event of a failure or breach.

Savvy users turn to the best file recovery software to help them protect their interests. But what should you look for in a software product? How much does it cost? And how can you make sure you’re really getting one of the best?

This guide covers some of the hottest data recovery products on the market to give you peace of mind that your information stays with you:

#1 – Dr. Fone Best File Recovery Software

Dr. Fone is the world’s first data recovery software for iPhone and iPad and has earned top ratings from its users, and you can get it cheaper on CouponBre. Its tests and research shows it has the highest data recovery rate among any other software in the industry.

Many users back up their iPhone or iPad to the cloud, but this isn’t without its challenges. You only get about 5 GB of free cloud storage, and then you have to pay for more. Also, you have to specify the data you want to back up, or otherwise backup your data manually. If you’re out of cloud storage and don’t want to pay for more, your precious data is left vulnerable.

Use Dr. Fone’s file recovery software to recover priceless information from your mobile devices, including videos, photos, call logs, text messages, and contacts.

For a limited time, CouponBre has Dr. Fone data recovery software in our Deals section.

Have an Android instead of an iPhone? We’ve got you covered! Dr. Fone data recovery software for Android devices is also available at an amazing price!

#2 – EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation

If you run a business, your data is your lifeblood. Without it, you may be unable to serve clients, manage cash flow, monitor profitability, or the other myriad factors that influence your ability to make money.

EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation provides a full-service data recovery solution to give you peace of mind. When disasters occur, such as unexpected downtime, system crashes, or power outages, your data is protected and quickly and easily recovered.

It’s among the best file recovery software because of its user-friendliness that doesn’t require a computer tech to use. It doesn’t take long to get your business back up and running.

CouponBre has partnered with EaseUS to bring you this online deal – see it here in our store.

#3 – Genie9

Genie9 rules the world when it comes to the best file recovery software. One of their most powerful products is the Ultimate Backup Bundle, which is trusted and used by businesses and consumers across multiple industries.

The software can scan a variety of media formats, including flash drives, SD cards, hard drives, and other storage. It works quickly and simply and doesn’t require much computer knowledge to use.

Users can find files that were deleted accidentally, recover information from hard drive failure, formatting, or viruses, and restore damage from lost or damaged partitions. The software walks you through the process, step by step, so there’s no hassle, stress, or guesswork involved.

It’s almost like magic – genie magic! Check out CouponBre’s online deal for Genie9 Ultimate Backup Bundle that’s like getting three products for the price of one.

Also, find all the deals at our Genie9 Store.

#4 – Aiseesoft Mac Data Recovery Tool

CouponBre has one of the best file recovery software deals online: half off Aiseesoft Mac Data Recovery.

If you’re a Mac user, you know that many of the mainstream data recovery options won’t help you. You need software designed specifically for the Mac OS, and Aiseesoft has you covered.

This powerful software can help you recover precious files from your computer, laptop, external hard drive, flash drive, digital camera card, and more. Whether you lost your data due to deletion, formatting, hard drive failure, or other reasons, this fast-scanning software can help you recover.

Even better – it’s also available for Windows users, too!

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Check store for all Aiseesoft deals.

#5 – Ashampoo Software

If you’re a stickler about your photos and need the best file recovery software, you can use Ashampoo to get back all your precious memories. You never have to worry about accidentally deleting a photo and losing it for good. Whether you experience hard drive failure or a formatted SD card, use Ashampoo Photo Recovery to retrieve your lost photos and hang on to your memories.

CouponBre is offering an Ashampoo coupon up to 60% off retail.

Discover all Ashampoo deals at CouponBre store.

#6 – BigMIND

If you’re wanting to back up copies of your data, BigMIND offers plenty of storage to do so. Each plan offers three accounts that can be used on up to nine unique computers and six mobile devices, so you never have to delete photos, videos, or important documents to make room for more.

BigMIND is available in 100GB or 500GB yearly plans. Check out CouponBre’s BigMIND coupon that will give you 50% off your plan.

Find all BigMIND coupons and deals at our store.

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CouponBre is your single source for the lowest prices, coupons, and promos on the best file recovery software. We’ve partnered with some of the top vendors in the industry to get you the best pricing. Browse our online store today and protect your critical data.

File Recovery Software FAQ

Dr Fone is an intuitive software program that helps users recover iOS data lost for any reason. The data recovery tool can restore files under a range of different conditions. We provide discounts directly with the leading supplier; this eliminates the risk of download unwanted malware or virus.

Photo recovery tools like Ashampoo provide tools to help you salvage digital photographs from damaged, failed, corrupted files. Ashampoo Photo Recovery can restore accidentally deleted files with ease even from compromised disks.

Genie Timeline is a continuous data protection program for your PC that employs a simple to use timeline for restoring files. The easy to use backup software lets you get back to previous file versions and folders.

With free or trial software, there are limitations on functionality. That said, you can customize the process, so the encryption the software provides is very user -friendly, to help you secure your data.

Aieesoft FoneLab is a recovery software for Mac that recovers lost files but won’t rewrite or make changes to your IOS devices.

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