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Best Movie Maker Software
  • April 24, 2019
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Best Video Editing Tools: DVD Maker | Pros, Cons & Verdict

Pros / The Best video editing tools with this DVD maker are among the most complete of any program in our review.

Cons / You cant add bonus features to your disk or store its ISO file to your hard drive.

Verdict / Despite what it lacks, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro’s extensive toolset makes it an excellent choice for DVD authoring software.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is a user-friendly program that has excellent DVD authoring features. Once you’ve built your video project in the apps video editing module, click the DVD icon in the upper right corner of the interface.

How much time it takes to Burning a DVD

It opens the apps menu creator instantly, where you choose a template, personalize it and start burning a brand-new disc in about half an hour. Once you start the burning process, it may select the program for another half an hour. Therefore, once you begin editing your project in the video editing module, it may take about an hour to write a brand-new disk completely.

Among the major drawbacks of the DVD authoring applications is that you can burn video content that’s in the editing module. There are no choices to add incentive features, alternate audio tracks or other material. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is the just award winner in our inspection to possess this limitation.

Storing ISO files into DVD

Another omission that separates the product from that the category’s top two award winners are that the program’s inability to store a disc’s ISO file to your computer’s hard disk drive. An ISO file is the project of a CD, and once you save it to your hard disk drive, you have got the skill to burn new copies whenever you want.

Since you cannot store the ISO files you build on this software; you will get to save your video’s raw project files if you ever want to make a brand new copy of your disc. The most simple and essential function of any non-linear editing program is the timeline.

About MAGIX Best Movie Edit Pro

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro the best video editing tools provide this instrument and allowing you to work on up to 99 tracks for video, sound, and images. While most individuals will never use that many tracks, it is essential that you’ve as much workspace as possible for any complex project.

The deadline may be somewhat complicated to learn and use. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro provides an alternative known as the storyboard. That is a more user-friendly interface for editing your videos. What MAGIX Movie Edit Pro does excel in is integrating and adapting the timeline on the storyboard — allowing you to switch back and forth on your changes intact.

DVD Authoring Software Application

Therefore, you could make broad stroke edits at storyboard mode and fine tune that the project in timeline mode. A healthful library of transitions and effects is crucial for any DVD authoring software application. Out from that the box, you get more than 500 effects, transitions, titles along with other objects to enhance your video footage.


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