McAfee Back to School Sale in UK & Ireland in 2022

mcafee back to school sale in uk ireland in 2022

The fourth week of August has arrived. The planet is melting, energy prices are skyrocketing (as are all prices), universities are closing, and the kids are shouting in your neighborhood, yet you’re as calm as a pool at night. Why? Because the children will be returning to school very soon. Yes, one of these current occurrences is coming to an end. Let’s get real before it occurs.

You’ve probably heard of us by now. We comprehend the linked world and the role technology will play in our lives in the future. In and out of the classroom, in particular. And if you know us, you know we want to help everyone safeguard their devices and identities. So, we’ve got a lovely little promotion for people returning to school in the United States. Let’s get started.

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I’m not sure about you, but we’re excited for Back-to-School season. Our EMEA campaign launches today in the United Kingdom and Ireland, with a creative/copy Back-to-School takeover. Here are some specifics:


  • Back to School Sale: August 22 – September 12
  • Enjoy peace of mind with all-in-one security.

GB – McAfee Back To School Sale


  • Back to School Sale: August 22 – September 12
  • Peace of mind with A+ security

IE – McAfee Back To School Sale


This year, almost 7.8 million pupils in England will return to school.
In the United Kingdom, there are about 624 thousand teachers.
Every year, the average family spends more than £200 on school supplies.

When you include parents, school personnel, and merchants, it’s difficult to find anyone who isn’t affected by the Back-to-School madness every year. Cyberattacks in education are no less common or devastating. In reality, they appear to be increasing in occurrence year after year as breaches in schools and higher institutions are frequently reported.

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