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mondly summer sale

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Mondly can help you make the most of your summer

Vacations are fantastic! Drinking pina coladas until you fall asleep as the sun caresses your skin, listening to the wind as it mingles with the waves, and watching the clouds make different shapes in the sky. That’s what the Italians call “dolce far niente,” and it’s the best feeling ever.

Unless it’s not. Doing nothing can become… Tedious at times. Fortunately, all you need to do to re-enjoy your vacation is give your brain a mental workout.

Learning languages is one of the best brain workouts, according to science. Do you wish to learn Spanish, French, German, or a less common language such as Korean or Persian? Mondly, a language learning app, can help you learn all of these languages and more.

The advantages of Mondly Premium

Are you looking to improve your real-world language skills? Do you speak foreign languages as fluently as you do in your head? Mondly can support you in accomplishing all of this and more!

Say bye to time-consuming memorization techniques, entire pages of combinations, and costly tutors. Under the palm trees, Mondly makes learning any language a breeze. Assume the offer right now to gain access to:

  1. Hands-on, interactive lessons to assist you in studying in short bursts throughout the day;
  2. Native speaker audios in crystal clear quality, so you can learn from the best;
  3. Practical topics to facilitate you in developing useful language skills for everyday life;
  4. Real-life conversations to immerse you;
  5. Smart suggestions and instant feedback on your pronunciation

With over 100 million downloads, Mondly was named “App of the Year” by Facebook and “Best New App” by Apple. It integrates a conversation-focused lesson plan, speech recognition, and bite-sized lessons to get you fluent quicker, extremely easy, and wiser than any other language course on the market.

Hurry to take advantage of the Mondly lifetime offer and gain access to all of the amazing Premium benefits:

Mondly Features:

Free Features:

  • Quick Daily Lessons, Weekly Quizzes, and Monthly Challenges will keep your mind strong.

Premium Features:

  • Mondly Kids, Mondly language learning app for kids, is available for free.
  • Grammar features and conjugation tables to help you learn the language better.
  • Discover how to pronounce words by listening to 50+ native speaker conversations.
  • Complete access to 41 different language courses, totaling 1320 language combinations
  • Oxford University Press content is used in 108 various English language progress tests.
  • About 300 specialised business lessons for personal development and workforce training
  • 36 vocabulary builders to help you learn new words quickly and strengthen your knowledge
  • Focus your attention sharp with quick Weekly Quizzes, Daily Lessons, and Monthly Challenges.
  • Access to a monthly entire library of over 2500 Daily Lessons, Monthly Challenges and Weekly Quizzes created since 2015.
  • Mondly AR provides free access to the 13 Augmented Reality lessons, allowing you to take your training experience to a whole new.
  • Explore the fundamentals with 250+ lessons organised into practical topics ranging from family, weather, and travel sport activities, food, and a lot more.

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