The Best Multimedia Design Software Deals For PC

best multimedia design software deals

You’re a forward-thinker. An innovator. An artist and a dreamer. And you need multimedia design software that’s just as much of a work of art as you are.

Whether you’re looking for the best audio and video editing software or the next big thing in digital painting, you need the best software you can find. Of course, you also need it at prices you can afford.

Corel Multimedia Design Software

If you need multimedia design software, there’s a good chance that Corel Corporation has already built it.

They’ve got pretty much everything you could possibly think of in terms of design software, from digital painting and technical illustration graphics to photo and video editing and DVD playback (just to name a few).

We could write a whole article about just Corel products, but here are two of our favorite Corel offerings right now (check out our store page for the latest Corel deals).


CorelDraw is Corel’s state-of-the-art graphics suite for designers just like you. Adobe is typically the name that comes to mind when you think of design suites…unless you’ve had a chance to test-run Corel software.

In fact, CorelDraw’s latest release has some features that Adobe Illustrator can’t match (without additional purchased plug-ins, that is).

For those who are new to Corel, CorelDraw offers tons of hints and video tutorials to help you quickly find your footing and feel at home. From there, you can take advantage of the fully-customizable UI environment. It’s a highly flexible interface designed by designers, for designers.

What about those advantages over Adobe multimedia design software? Here are a few:

  • The Symmetry Tool, which allows you to create your own kaleidoscopic art in real time
  • The Block Shadow Tool, which makes it super easy to create long shadows
  • The Impact Tool, which creates tapered motion lines and tapered starbursts
  • The Photococktail feature, which allows you to easily create your own photo mosaics

Corel Painter

As we said, we could write an entire article on Corel products alone. But we’re focusing on two essential multimedia design software products for any designer.

Corel Painter is designed for those who long for the inconsistencies of chalk, the smear of oil paint, and the slow, steady weep of watercolor but can’t afford the physical resources (or make use of physical space). It’s a genuine joy for those who love working with real art materials but can’t handle the mess.

Seriously, you won’t find any other software that emulates the real effect of putting paint to the canvas better than Corel Painter. It’s one of the finest digital art programs out there—and it has a generous upgrade policy with no subscription fees (looking at you, Adobe)

Magix Products

If Corel is designed for painters and visual artists, Magix is the tool of photographers and videographers. As with Corel, we could write an entire article on Magix products alone, but we’re going to focus on two of our favorite pieces of Magix software.

Magix Vegas Pro

Magix Vegas Pro is a video editing suite designed to impress even the most serious video editors. In fact, it’s one of the best semi-pro editing suites for the price.

Vegas Pro offers a standard, timeline-based editing system. If you prefer, you can also use the trim view to make selections. Regardless of your choice, the software has fantastic import and export support.

It also has a few features that uninitiated users might not pick up on right away. Fortunately, the program comes with robust interactive tutorials and a well-stocked help database.

If you like picking and choosing your layout, this multimedia design software offers a fully customizable toolbar. It also allows multi-camera editing, 4K support, and Intel Quick Sync Video.

Magix Photostory

Maybe you’re not a video editor. Maybe still photographs have always been more your speed.

In that case, do yourself a favor and check out Photostory, one of the best multimedia design software deals on CouponBre.

Photostory is a slideshow creation program, which sounds simple at the outset. But it offers you a ton of functionality for your projects. It’s one of the most up-to-date, professional-looking slideshow programs on the market.

It offers easy to use, extensive editing options. In fact, it has one of the most playful graphics programs you’ll encounter. It also comes with several free soundtracks and effects and allows you to enhance your photos and videos before you publish them.

Sound like a program you’re willing to try out?

If so, you’re in the right place—check out this deal to get 58% off Magix Photostory Deluxe.


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More of the Best Multimedia Design Coupons & Deals

When you’ve got an idea, you don’t want to let it get lost in the noise of lackluster design software. You need software that’s as intuitive as a paintbrush and your own two hands.

We’re here to help you afford that software.

Check out our offered deals on the best multimedia design software– you never ever know when you may discover precisely the important things you require for your latest burst of motivation.

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