Did You Know You Can Play Games on Netflix Mobile App?

did you know you can play games on netflix mobile app

NETFLIX hides content from users depending on their location, but there is a way for subscribers to access movies and games that are available in different countries.

The streaming service recently moved into gaming in three countries and is now released some titles in the US for Android users.

Netflix is known for releasing different content depending on the country the phone is based on. But IvacyVPN can get around this.

This app will allow the user to select another country, and the VPN will connect their devices there, allowing them to see Netflix games available in other countries.

Here’s how:

1) Get an IvacyVPN subscription

2) Download & install IvacyVPN on Android device

3) Log into IvacyVPN app & connect to USA server

4) Open Netflix, tap on the “Games” option & play!

Note: Based on testing, accessing Netflix games via USA VPN is a hit-or-miss strategy. For the best possible results, feel free to connect to a Poland VPN server, Italy VPN server, or Spain VPN server.

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