7 Top VPNs for Streaming Sports in 2022

Best Streaming Sports vpn

Trying to enjoy local sporting activities while on vacation? You may have discovered that the majority of your favourite streaming services are region-locked. We reveal how to unclog sporting activity systems online as well as the best VPNs for streaming sports while abroad.

Registration networks have acquired the programme rights to numerous significant sporting events, only some of which provide online streaming. In this article, we’ll show you how to get around all of that and also stream live sporting events using a VPN.

Sports broadcasters have a different perspective than you on what legal rights your membership must include. They continue to impose restrictions on where you can view from. These are known as regional restrictions, or Geo-locks, and you can learn more about them later in this overview.

Regional Restrictions on the Best Streaming Sports VPN

With VPN, you can bypass regional restrictions and get much better deal on sports tickets. VPN stands for “virtual private network,” professional service that secures all web traffic from your PC or mobile phone and routes it to an intermediary server in location of your choosing. When connected, the streaming service sees the location of the VPN server rather than the individual, unblocking geo-restricted online streams.
If you don’t have time to read all of the information on each of the VPNs on this list, here’s quick summary of our top picks.

Find Discounts on the Best VPN Sports Streaming Services


A quick, dependable VPN at an affordable price. Connect as many devices as you want.


A security-focused option that does not skimp on unlocking abilities. Trustworthy streams are created by secure and fast web servers.


A massive web server network that is optimized for speed. Finishes accessing a variety of streaming sports as well as other popular professional services from virtually anywhere.


Some of the fastest web servers found during our testing. Simple to use and also get started.


Quick enough to stream high-quality sports from around the world, with solid security and a no-logs policy. Agreements with Netflix and Hulu.


Excellent rates and also the ability to unblock virtually anything from abroad, including Netflix.

Hotspot Shield

A highly adaptable VPN with regular broadband as well as the ability to unblock a vast array of Geo-blocked solutions.

VPN standards for streaming sports.

When trying to find the very best VPNs for streaming sports, a couple of points require to be focused on:

  • Quick speeds
  • Good value for cash
  • Accessibility for a series of gadgets
  • The capacity to evade regional restrictions
  • The capacity to pack the VPN on a router
  • A big server network

Here are some streaming events, we have collected for you

A new month means new entertainment and sporting opportunities. Let’s not waste any time and get right to it!

Upcoming sporting events:

Event: Cycling: 2022 UCI Track Champions League – round four
Date: December 2
Channels: discovery+ 🇺🇸(Paid), discovery+ 🇬🇧(Paid), Eurosport 🇪🇺(Paid)

Event: Boxing: Tyson Fury vs. Derek Chisora
Date: December 3
Channels: ESPN+ 🇺🇸(Paid), BT Sport Box Office 🇬🇧(Paid)

Event: Big 12 Championship
Date: December 3
Channels: DirectTV Stream 🇺🇸(Paid), FuboTV 🇺🇸(Paid), Hulu + 🇺🇸(Paid), Sling TV 🇺🇸(Paid), YouTube TV 🇺🇸(Paid), FuboTV 🇨🇦(Paid)

Event: Cycling: 2022 UCI Track Champions League – final round
Date: December 3
Channels: discovery+ 🇺🇸(Paid), discovery+ 🇬🇧(Paid), Eurosport 🇪🇺 (Paid)

Event: UFC Fight Night Thompson vs. Holland
Date: December 4
Channels: BT Sport 🇬🇧(Paid), ESPN PPV 🇺🇸(Paid)

Event: UFC 282 Blanchowicz vs. Ankalaev
Date: December 11
Channels: BT Sport 🇬🇧(Paid), ESPN PPV 🇺🇸(Paid)

Event: UFC Fight Night Cannonier vs. Strickland
Date: December 18
Channels: BT Sport 🇬🇧(Paid), ESPN PPV 🇺🇸(Paid)

Event: World Weightlifting Championships
Date: December 5-16
Channels: ESPN3 🇺🇸(Paid), Fox Sports 🇦🇺(Paid)

Event: 25m World Swimming Championships
Date: December 13-18
Channels: BBC Sport 🇬🇧(Free)

Event: NCAA Women’s Volleyball Championship
Date: December 15-17
Channels: ESPN 🇺🇸(Paid)

Event: 2022 Fifa World Cup final
Date: December 18
Channels: Fox Sports 🇺🇸(Paid), Fox Sports 🇦🇺(Paid), TSN 🇨🇦(Paid), ITV 🇬🇧(Paid)

Event: English Premier League 2022-2023 season: EPL resumes after World Cup
Date: December 26
Channels: Peacock 🇺🇸(Paid), Sky Sports 🇬🇧(Paid), Optus sport 🇦🇺(Paid), FuboTV 🇨🇦(Paid)

Event: Peach Bowl
Date: December 31
Channels: FuboTV 🇨🇦(Paid), DirectTV Stream 🇺🇸(Paid), Hulu 🇺🇸(Paid), Sling TV 🇺🇸(Paid)

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Remember that the NBA season has already begun, and Surfshark VPN supports all games via Indian and American servers!

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