Fallout 76 Patch Update

Fallout 76 Patch Update – All The Essential Intel

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Finally, it’s here, the Fallout 76 patch update. In truth, Fallout 76 has been the subject of controversy since release. Though that may be true, the quantity of content has never been in question. After all, Appalachia is a sprawling open-world full of mysterious secrets, mass-nuclear devastation and of course, malevolent monsters. Recently, Bethesda unveiled some new content via its official website, entitled ‘Wild Appalachia.’

The recent Fallout 76 patch update showcases a healthy bundle which includes new questlines, as well as various system overhauls, alongside improvements to both the C.A.M.P and crafting mechanics.

The patch will be available for PC, in addition to both the PS4 and Xbox consoles. A free download, roughly 20gb’s in size. Albeit, dramatically reduced to just 13gb’s on PC.

Now we know how to download the latest Fallout 76 Patch Update, just what does the package include? Well, listed below are the essential tit-bits of info. Upon reading, you’ll be brushed up on all things Appalachia, and ready to set foot in the wastes once more. What’s that motto again? ‘War never changes.’

Fallout 76 Patch Update: All-New Quests

One of the most requested inclusions from the ’76’ community is that of more mission scale and variety. Of course, NPC’s are still absent from the game. Regardless of that fact, players have some fresh meaty content to chew up. Thus, the Fallout 76 patch update is offering a brand-new questline, known as Wasted on Nukashine.

According to the patch notes, the latest quest sees players unearth the secrets of the infamous Nukashine. In short, this tale will no doubt bring joy to those fans wishing to extend their stay in Appalachia. Players are required to find a party invitation poster. All of which lay dotted around the map at set locations. Such as the train station. Sorry, spoil alert. Or rather, a handy hint. Then, the story arch will begin upon reading. Alternatively, you can grab the poster via the Atomic shop for free. At least, until 9.00am. April 9th.

Fallout 76 Patch Update: Crafting & C.A.M.P Modifications

To coincide with the new questline is the illicit bonus of an alcoholic workbench. Hence, allowing players to brew and distill their very own booze. Given the catastrophic collapse of society and the nuclear annihilation in wait, I’m sure we can let the odd vice slip between the cracks.

After all, humanity has gone through the wringer. Also, a fermentation device found at C.A.M.P. grants players the option to age their brew further. Therefore, giving each potent concoction heightened stat boosts. Plus, it’s just a neat gimmick to use back at base-camp.

Upon completion of the new mission, players can craft an array of spirits, beers, and wines. Better still, each creation comes with effect modifiers which alter stats accordingly.

Fallout 76 Patch Update: Crash & Bug Fixes

Finally, we address the various system upgrades in the latest Fallout 76 patch update. It’s no secret that Fallout 76 has come under scrutiny regarding performance. However, Bethesda has been slowly ironing out the kinks of late, and overall, the experience has benefited as a result. In the recent update, Bethesda has focused on stability and performance. Gone are a host of crashes, including the infamous ‘Scorched Earth’ fiasco.

As you can see, Bethesda is taking considerable steps to address fans concerns. Granted, it may take time, and Fallout 76 may not have had the most prolific release, but it can claw back credibility via listening intently to its community. In truth, this latest Fallout 76 patch update is a commendable way to start the healing process. If you contemplate the fact that this update is free, there has never been a better time to visit Appalachia. In all its war-torn glory.

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