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The Best Games Exclusive To PC

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What are the best games exclusive to PC? In truth, the PC is a powerhouse of the video games industry in every sense. Besides, all games that come to console, including exclusive titles, are manufactured solely using PC software. Additionally, throughout the years, huge leaps forward in the capability of hardware have allowed for greater diversity. Whereby most, if not all games in the current day, are multi-platform releases.

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Though that may be true, a handful of genres benefit from the PC’s unmatched levels of performance. From Grand Strategy Games to RTS and MMORPG, most games in these categories are PC only titles. Mainly, because of their reliance on keyboard and mouse for multiple inputs. But also, because of the technical demands placed on hardware.

As this list is based purely around exclusive games; unfortunately, ports of any kind, are left out of the equation. As a result, classic games like the original Deus Ex, Half-life and Fallout 1 & 2 are not applicable. Neither are the Crysis and Dragon Age games. Both of which received console versions. Regardless, this list still reflects the infinite quality of PC gaming despite these sad exclusions.

So then, now we’ve laid the groundwork, lets dive right into this, and uncover the best games exclusive to PC. On that note, I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s a library worthy of a place on anyone’s game shelf.

Rome Total War

First, to grace this list of the best games exclusive to PC is Rome Total War. Developed by Creative Assembly, the third entry in the Total War series is an epic, real-time, turn-based strategy game. As the name suggests, Rome Total War takes place during the late era of the Roman Republic, overlapping into the early Roman Empire. Within the game, players ascend the ranks, increasing power and influence while leading their armies into battle. All the while, managing political and societal affairs back home.

Everything from taxation, to diplomacy and army recruitment, must be managed. Even the bloody and brutal gladiatorial games become a source of revenue. In truth, listening to the rallying cry of a general before a battle, dispatching the enemy with cleverly implemented tactics, and claiming provinces makes Rome Total War one of the best RTS experiences on the PC, ever.

World of Warcraft

In truth, no PC list would be complete without World of Warcraft. The high-fantasy MMORPG from developer Blizzard Entertainment, released in 2004. Since then, the game hasn’t looked back. As one of the highest grossing video game franchises of all time, it’s little wonder the game has amassed a cult community of loyal fans, since launch.

Primarily, WoW is a deep role-playing experience, that ties nicely into progression. Whether that derives from slaying mythical monsters, gathering resources, fighting in PVP battles or tackling quests. With that in mind, World of Warcraft is an immersive experience that is both highly addicting and richly rewarding — without any doubt, deserving of a place on this list of the best games exclusive to PC.

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Civilization 4

Over the years, the Sid Meier’s Civilization series has slowly yet unquestionably cemented its place on the world stage. And as a result, the franchise has cultivated a reputation as one of the big-time players in the genre of real-time strategy. Unlike other games in the series, ‘Civ 4’ makes use of a new engine built from scratch. Thus, allowing for higher graphical fidelity.

Although, the ‘Civ’ experience has never been about graphics. But instead, the depth and complex nature of its core systems. And, the sheer number of outcomes. Or rather, ways of winning. From humble origins, the goal is to transform a small populous with limited resources into a thriving civilization. And that’s easier said than done.

Perhaps you chose the command and conquer approach to seize control of all territories? Or you elect to take the diplomatic method by being voted in as world leader through the United Nations council? Either way, the options are endless. But more importantly, the destiny of the world is yours to shape any way you see fit.

The Witcher

Released 26th October 2007, the first entry in the heralded series has stayed faithful to PC as one of the best exclusive titles to grace the platform. In truth, the original exploits of long-term series protagonist Geralt acted as a stepping stone for the series. Meanwhile, issuing an unforgettable experience.

Set in a high fantasy world steeped in dense lore and mythos, the monster hunter with heightened powers must traverse a sprawling medieval land. And, one that’s littered with mythical beasts of vile nature. With a complex story arc, and moral choices that define player outcomes, The Witcher was, and still is, a great game. Therefore, earning a rightful place, on this list of the best games exclusive to PC.

League of Legends

Last to grace this list, is the MOBA giant League of Legends. Or LoL, as it’s often abbreviated. Aside from issuing a substantial MOBA experience, which we will get to in a moment, League of Legends is by far and wide one of, if not the most, prominent game in the field of esports. Besides, with a community exceeding hundreds of millions, it’s hard to argue against its relevance in the industry. 

Aside from its scaling levels of popularity, LoL rose to overnight fame. Mostly, thanks to its rich array of playable heroes. Not just that, but the balance of battle-play, which evens up the odds with unique character abilities and authentic map objectives. The result is a level playing field. And, one that rewards tactical ingenuity. Hence, ensuring that no match is ever the same. A fitting way, to bring this list of the best games exclusive to PC, to a close.

Best Games Exclusive To PC: Conclusion

In truth, it was challenging to narrow down the list to just five. However, we feel the following entries do ample justice to the PC. Sure enough, the war between console and PC rages on, but if anything, this list demonstrates that the PC still carries plenty of firepowers. What the future has in store we can only speculate. But based on this list, there is much reason to be optimistic about events to come.

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