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Find The Greatest Games of 2019 So Far

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In truth, unveiling the greatest games of 2019 to date shouldn’t be difficult. Besides, we’re only just three months into the New year, yet already, gamers around the globe have had a constant stream of AAA+ blockbusters to digest, and ultimately immerse themselves in.

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On that note, each month has produced quality. With stand-out titles leaking out of the woodwork, left, right and center. A handful though has shone out from the crowd. Unquestionably, destined to be on the year-end list of great games. Today, in a bid to celebrate the recent onslaught of titanic titles, we’ve composed a list of the greatest games of 2019 so far. If you haven’t already, we urge you to pick up and play one of these gems. For the best deals in games and toys, hit up this exclusive one-stop shop today.

Greatest Games of 2019: DMC 5

Dante back, and he’s bigger and more equipped than ever. Better still, duel pistols ebony and ivory return, in this brutal blockbuster. The fifth iteration in the series combines smooth transitional gunplay with an extensive combat mechanic and brutal bosses born from the vast recesses of hell itself. The result is a slick and satisfying twist on the DMC formula. And one that’s both rewarding and addicting in equal portions. Time to raise hell and send those demons back to the hellish confounds from whence they came!

Greatest Games of 2019: Metro Exodus

Metro is a long-standing series based on the best-selling novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky. For fans of nightmarish dystopias, Metro has long led the field, in tandem with the Fallout franchise. Whereas the previous two entries focused more on the underground Metro system, and the hellish abominations that dwell within, Metro Exodus takes players topside for the first time.

Unlike past games, the world loses its linear roots in sections and opens into a sandbox of heinous horrors. This time around, players can craft on the fly, with an all-new item-creator mechanic. Also, improved physics, an advanced weather system, and an integrated day and night cycle make ‘Exodus’ the most immersive Metro experience yet. Not to mention those feral, mutated bears, which can strike fear in the hearts of even the most intrepid of explorers — step forth at your peril.

Greatest Games of 2019: Resident Evil 2 The Remake

Back in the ’90s, Capcom created one of the most influential survival horror franchises of all time. Now, in honor of that remarkable achievement, fans can once again step foot in Racoon City with a remake of the critically acclaimed cult classic. Everything about Resident Evil 2 The Remake pays enormous testimony to the series. From the nerve-racking nature of limited item management to the hideous bosses and hordes of zombies.

In truth, the remake emulates and, in some ways, surpasses the greatness that comes before it. Mostly, though, in terms of visual aspects, like polish and presentation. That said, Resident Evil 2 The Remake is an extraordinary achievement. Pat on the back Capcom, you nailed it!

Greatest Games of 2019: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Unleash the warrior within, in from software latest RPG action-adventure. Notorious for soul-destroying gameplay, the developers deviate from the tried-and-tested formula. At least, this time around. As a result, players can enjoy increased level verticality, cool gadgets through a prosthetic arm, and of course, bosses so brutal, they give Satan the shivers! Plus, playing as a shinobi is just a fantastic experience. Not to mention, the gothic, apocalyptic depiction of Feudal Japan. With that mind, what’s not to love! Undoubtedly, one of, if not the, best game of 2019.

Greatest Games of 2019: Apex Legends

Apex Legends appeared out the blue and took the world by storm when it released on Feb 4th, 2019. Despite the battle-royale scene being somewhat oversaturated, Apex Legends surprised us all with its tight gunplay and streamlined in-game systems. Most notably, the ping system, an innovative tool used to interact with fellow teammates. As the ring of death narrows the battlegrounds, a high-stakes slobber knocker ensues. At the end of the chaos and carnage, only one team will emerge the victor.

That concludes our list of the greatest games of 2019 so far. Let’s hope the big-budget releases continue to come in their droves. In truth, these titles are going to take some trumping. That said, the line-up looming on the horizon is a spectacular one. Will 2019 eclipse the successes of last year? Only time will tell, but the signs are immensely promising as we look forward to the future. At least, based on past performance. What a year so far, it has been!

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