Avast Cleanup Pro for Mac – 20% OFF

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Avast Cleanup Pro for Mac 20% OFF

Avast Cleanup Pro for Mac – 20% OFF

Professional Avast Cleanup Pro for Mac vaporizes hidden junk

Even the trash you didn’t know was there. When disk space gets tight, don’t reach for the delete button. Avast Cleanup Pro for Mac scans your hard disk for hidden junk files and duplicates, so your Mac keeps running smooth while keeping more of what you want.

Thousands of junk files. Click! Gone

Your Mac is filled with thousands of temporary files and cache data created by macOS and your apps. They forget to delete them when they no longer need them — but we see them alright. Avast Cleanup Pro for Mac deep-scan your Mac, trace all the trash, and take it out for good.

What we get rid of:
  • Crash reports and junk files:
    MacOS and 3rd party applications automatically create temporary files, which aren’t critical but waste lot of drive space. They include leftover data from applications you may have uninstalled ages ago or programs like Xcode or Safari.
  • Browser caches:
    Safari®, Chrome®, and Firefox® browsers store non-critical temporary files and cookies in a cache folder. Deleting this cache not only frees up drive space, but can help protect your privacy.
  • Log files:
    Applications create logs to record normal operation or how they crashed. In most cases you won’t need them, so why keep them?
  • Trash:
    Trashing files doesn’t delete them. Get rid of the forgotten files in your macOS recycle bin.
  • Downloads:
    Remember that one photo of yourself in highschool with the bad haircut you downloaded from someone else’s Facebook 4 years back? Yeah, it’s still there…
  • External Drives Junk:
    System files that macOS adds to external files formatted for other operating systems. These files can be safely deleted to free up space.
Fight the clone wars and win every time

Working with lots of documents, photos, videos or downloads? Then you know all about hard-to-find duplicate files scattered across your disk. Bring order to your MacL find all your duplicate files and delete the ones you don’t need.

What do you mean, “clones”?

It happens to the tidiest of us: you download a file twice, you forget about a copy of a photo you’re editing, you back up that huge video project… Duplicates creep onto your Mac every day and before you know it, you’re wasting gigabytes of disk space on clones you no longer need.

Our Duplicate Finder deep-scans your disk to find duplicate documents, pictures, songs, videos, folders, and other files. Use file size, date, and our preview to decide which clone you need — and which one you can get rid of forever.

Makes cleaning a no-brainer

Say goodbye to chore days: get regular alerts when there’s clutter to clean on your Mac — and remove it with just a simple click.

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