Save 37% on Avira Phantom VPN Pro

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Special Offer On Avira Phantom VPN Pro

Save 37% on Avira Phantom VPN Pro

Your gateway to a safe and private Internet

Fast and simple to use, our VPN:

  • Secures your communications
  • Hides your location & activities
  • Unblocks access to websites
  1. Surf privately
  2. Connect securely
  3. Access globally
  4. Download anonymously
  5. Use easily
  6. Watch freely
How does a VPN work?

Avira Phantom VPN directs all your web traffic via a private and secure data tunnel, which encrypts your communications and prevents them from being intercepted. At the same time, you get a new IP address, which helps you access websites that are unavailable in your region and prevents advertisers from tracking you across websites.

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