BullGuard Mobile Security – Get 50% Off

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BullGuard Mobile Security 50% Off

BullGuard Mobile Security – Get 50% Off

Get smart protection for your Android smartphone or tablet against all types of malware, spam calls, and theft.

  • Complete protection with antitheft controls
  • Fast and immediate antivirus scanning
  • Block unwanted spam and SMS texts with customisable controls
  • Backup and restore your important data
Antivirus. Stop that malware

A cloud-based AV engine, that doesn’t drain your battery and ensures you always have up-to-the-minute protection.
An On-Access scan automatically scans apps as soon as they are installed on your device notifying you immediately of any malicious or suspicious apps.
Another scanning feature allows you to check your device for possible infections, malware or unwanted apps.
You get full protection against adware, trackware, Trojans, viruses, SMS bombers, data harvesters or botnets – all the shades of malware that are becoming increasingly common on Android devices.

Anti-theft. Tracks, locates and wipes your phone.

your device remotely if it is lost or stolen – never worry about losing your sensitive data.
If your device is stolen, you can lock it remotely from any web browser using the BullGuard Mobile Security Manager dashboard
You can locate your phone from any device with an internet browser –if your phone is lost or stolen
BullGuard Mobile Protection automatically locks or wipes the device if someone tries to replace the SIM card.
You can also activate an alarm to help you locate a misplaced device – even if the phone is muted.

Backup. Always safe

Keeping your contacts, calendar and SMS messages safe is vital. A simple one-click backup enables you to do this easily.
All data is encrypted and sent to our servers where it’s safely stored. You can either back up from your device or via the web dashboard. And if you change your device it’s not a problem. Simply migrate the data to your new device.

Parental Control. Fear not
  • Powerful but discrete parental controls allow you to keep your kids safe.
  • Message monitoring: Monitor SMS your child has sent and received.
  • Call monitoring: Monitor calls to or from the device.
  • Picture monitoring: Monitor pictures your child has stored or received on the phone.
  • Application monitoring: See a list of applications that are stored on your child’s phone.
  • Locate or GPS tracking: Track where your child’s device is.
  • Remote Management: Monitor your child’s calls, text messages, installed apps or photos taken with the mobile device from the Mobile Security Manager.
Block unwanted calls

Stop persistent spam on your phone.
You can also stop short code numbers (five digits or less) which are a favourite of spammers.
You can block nuisance calls and text messages with a blacklist tab.
Another feature allows you to permit the short code numbers you want to receive messages from, so you’re only receiving useful and relevant information.

Mobile Security Manager. In control – remotely

All BullGuard Mobile Protection features can be controlled remotely from the BullGuard Mobile Security Manager Web dashboard from any computer and with any browser.

  • Put in place your anti-theft commands and run scans to ensure your device is free of malware.
  • Have full control over application settings and behaviour and prevent app settings from being changed.
  • Parents can discreetly view calls/messages to and from a child’s device and also view apps that are installed on the device.
  • Enable a GPS tracking feature which allows an app to report on the device’s location.
Easy to use

BullGuard Mobile Protection has an elegantly simple design making it easy to use.

  • Intuitive design, ensures all features are easy to navigate
  • Web dashboard can be easily be accessed from any device with an internet browser
Expert support

Free 24/7 support delivers expert and friendly advice at a time of your choosing. We’ll help you with any security problem you may have, via Live chat or e-mail.
This service is available any time of the day or night. You can also choose online remote access support, if it makes thing easier for you.

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