GoDaddy Auctions: The Smart Choice for Buying & Selling Domain Names

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GoDaddy Auctions: The Smart Choice for Buying & Selling Domain Names

What are domain auctions?

Domains are more than a web address. They often have value that extends well beyond their initial registration price. Depending on how memorable it is or how well it ranks on Google, a domain that initially cost a few bucks can be worth a lot of money to the right buyer. That’s why domain auctions exist – to give domain owners an opportunity to sell their name for a profit, and give buyers a chance to get a name that can take their website to the next level.

Why GoDaddy Auctions?

There are a lot of reasons to join our auction site, from our huge selection to our status as the world’s #1 domain registrar, but we think these are the big ones:

  • The web’s lowest commission fees
    We want you to list your domain with us. That’s why we charge less than any other domain auction house, which means more profit for you.
  • Expert escrow services
    We take the risk out of online auctions by involving a neutral third party to hold the domain and payment until each party has carried out their end of the deal.
  • Domain monitoring
    We’ll help you keep track of up to 100 domains you’re interested in. If there are any changes, like the domain expires or there’s a new bid, we’ll let you know instantly.
  • Powerful search tools
    Our advanced search options let you drill down into the data – keyword, length, domain extension, listing type – so you can find what you want faster.
  • Exclusive, soon-to-expire domains
    As the world’s largest registrar, we’re able to get high-value domain names that you simply can’t get anywhere else.
Buy your way.

Not all buyers and sellers are the same, so we’ve created different options to fit everyone.

  • Buy it now.
    Don’t want to wait for an auction to run its course? Our Buy Now option lets buyers and sellers close the deal instantly.
  • Make an offer.
    Like the domain, but not the price? We give you the option to send the seller your best offer (and for the seller to counter).
  • Expired auctions.
    Domains that simply expire are automatically entered into auction. Just place a bid and, if you’re the only one, it’s yours.
  • 7-day public auction.
    This is your typical online auction. Seller sets a minimum price, bidders battle it out and, when time runs out, the high bidder wins.

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