20% Off – MAGIX Photostory Premium VR 365

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MAGIX Photostory Premium VR 365

20% Off – MAGIX Photostory Premium VR 365

Bring your slideshows into a new era and the new innovative technology straight into your living room with the complete package for Photostory. MAGIX Photostory Premium VR 365 includes all features from Photostory Deluxe plus virtual reality functions and bonus premium-quality effects. Easily create virtual experiences and then share with others. All you need is your computer – nothing more! You can even use a VR headset but it’s not required.


Create a virtual world in just 4 easy steps. This can be done in no time at all using your mouse – or you can also use a VR headset to visually select elements in the program. Alternatively, you can use the special controllers that come included with some VR headsets.

  1. Select 360° footage
    Create your own virtual worlds using 360° photos and videos. These can be optimized first in Photostory Deluxe.
  2. Add photos and videos
    Integrate additional elements such as photos, videos or graphics into your 360° recordings – now also in 3D. Adjust size and alignment to achieve perfect results.
  3. Add captions and texts
    Take your viewers on a virtual tour with the help of captions and text elements. All text elements are freely scalable.
  4. Create realistic room sound
    Make your virtual world even more realistic by creating room sound: add music or speech to various locations within your panorama world.
  5. Create interactive tours
    Connect several of your new 360° spaces to create an interactive walk-through virtual tour. Manually link individual virtual spaces to bring your viewers on an adventure through your photos and videos. You can add new spaces, edit them and move them around to change the sequence at any time.
    Your photos and videos have never looked so realistic!
  • Create your own virtual worlds using 360° recordings
  • Add media, text and audio
  • Create exciting interactive tours
  • Display slideshows in virtual space
  • 70+ additional slideshow & sound effects
  • Also available as part of a 3 month or 12-month subscription


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MAGIX Photostory Premium VR 365 only $7.99/month - Save 20% in the first year! Bring your slideshows into a new era - with the new Photostory complete package. Save now!

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