NEW! Wondershare SignX – Save up to 50% Off

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NEW! Wondershare SignX – Save up to 50% Off

SignX is a newly released product! The most professional & easy-to-use electronic signature tool, with which businessmen can quickly and securely sign business documents anytime, anywhere!

  • Best Docusign Alternative
  • Electronic signature platform
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Professional layout
  • Reusable email templates
  • Bulk send document to recipients
  • Manage multiple users
What’s New in SignX 2.3.0

SignX 2.3.0 brings more wonderful features to complete all of your e-signature solutions.

Bulk Send
Send a document to multiple signers and have them sign the document independently.

Multiple Users Support
Manage multiple users in your admin account with ease.

Reusable Template
Reusable templates simplify your business process and save more time.

How does it work?

Change your signing experience forever with 3 simple steps! 1. Send, 2. Sign and 3. Track
Eliminate the cost and hassle of paper-based tasks and drive up document productivity while gaining more control over the signing process.

The SignX Advantage

Reusable Templates new2
Create and store reusable templates that can be easily personalized for the individual recipient. Make visually pleasing documents with your custom branding throughout the signer’s experience.

Multiple Users Support new2
Keep signatures moving and monitor ongoing deals at the comfort of your office or while on the go. Access documents for signature and approval anytime, and on any device.

Bulk Send new2
Simply select the document you need to sign and add bulk recipients to send the envelope separately for each signer at once. With bulk send feature, you can have documents signed by multiple signers and get their signatures independently.

Encryption and Password Protection
Get the strongest commercial SSL encryption protocols to keep your documents safe on a state-of-the-art SSAE-16 and ISO 27001 certified data center with a robust disaster recovery plan.

Legally Binding eSignatures
Apply eSignatures that are legal and as enforceable as hand-written ones. We ensure the highest level of compliance with the most demanding regulations by many countries worldwide.

Real-Time Notifications
Get alerts in real-time every time your document is opened, read, or signed. The Dashboard enables you to get a bird’s-eye view of your document status and sharing activities.

Seamless Document Editing
Get the tools you need to personalize, modify, and deliver your documents. Prepare documents in real-time with simple drag and drop form fields.

Audit Trails
Detailed logs including senders email address, timestamps, and IP addresses are appended to each signature request/response to substantiate the traceability of signer intent.

Centralized Dashboard
Get a high-level overview of all your account activities. See how many documents are pending approvals, viewed by recipients, and completed.

Two-Factor Authentication
Secure sensitive documents by assigning a unique two-factor authentication access code. Password protection enables secure end-to-end interaction with your clients on any device.

Optimized Workflows
Streamline work processes and drive document productivity. Whether single or multiple users are signing simultaneously or in a specific order, we have you covered.

In the Cloud
Always up-to-date, secured and as collaborative as you need – get started with the signing process under a minute from any device.