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View our list of games coming out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox that you should keep an eye on.
Check out some notable releases with exclusive pre-order discounts and coupon codes to save you spending all your hard-earned cash.

13% off NBA 2K20 – Out Now

13% off NBA 2K20 Standard Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition & Legend Edition at Green Man Gaming. NBA 2K20 has developed into a lot more than usual basketball simulation game. 2K proceeds to redefine what’s possible in sports gambling with NBA 2K20. NB 2K20 is integrating WNBA players into the game for the first time in the series, featuring all 12 WNBA teams, as well as some of the league’s standout players. 2K20 also revealed it’s player ratings and released a new featuring it’s MyCareer story mode, watch the trailer below.

The Outer Worlds – Release Date 25th October

The Outer Worlds PC

Pre-purchase your copy of The Outer Worlds PC Game at Green Man Gaming and get bonus discount offer. The new single-player experience is set on the frontier of space and offers the gamers the craziest AAA RPGs of recent years. The plot begins with the player awakening from hibernation amidst a conspiracy to destroy Halcyon – a colony residing at the edge of the galaxy driven by big hand corporations. Activate this pre-order offer and inject some fun unto the classic Fallout formula all gamers know and love.

12% Off Borderlands 3 – Release Date 13th September


Pre-order Borderlands 3 now at Green Man Gaming and get the Gold Weapon Skins Pack.
Tipped to be one of 2019’s best shooters, Borderlands 3 offers ample variety and promises yet further surprises to come. This special early release promotion comes with a package comprising of a golden weapon trinket and golden weapon skins which can be pertinent to all firearms in the game.
Gearbox Gaming will release Borderlands 3 at midnight on 13th September for (almost) every time zone, unless you’re on Windows PC. Players have the opportunity to preload the game two days ahead of the release.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Release date 16 2020


Pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 for Playstation 4 and Xbox with our exclusive early release price from Amazon. Set in Night City, this adventure story is set to be one of the most impressive, ambitious games expected in 2020. Transform into a Cyberpunk, a metropolitan mercenary, or immerse yourself in its GTA-style driving. Get ready for story hints from none other than Keanu Reeves ‘digital ghost’ Johnny Silverhands.

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