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Product Focus – Rank Tracker SEO Software

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About Rank Tracker Professional and Enterprise 2021

Rank Tracker is part of the SEO PoweSuite set of optimisation tools to help you maximise your web presence. Rank Tracker software provides an intuitive and highly functional keyword research tool to analyse your site content. Unlike other paid ranking tools, it shows accurate data from search engines without limiting your number of keyword searches.

Its simple UI makes it easy to navigate through the full range of tools on offer. You have keyword groups, and landing page reports that indicate search volume for specific keywords. It shows how high or low the competition is for keywords you are trying to rank for on your site. Additional functionality includes tracking your competitors’ websites to see what keywords they rank for in comparison to your top keywords. The ranking summary tab highlights your visibility on each search engine by a percentage value and a process graph.

Linking Your Google Tools to Rank Tracker

We recommend hooking up your Google tools including Analytics, Search Console and Keyword Planner with Rank Tracker. By doing so, you ensure you get more detailed information regarding keyword data, site visits and sessions for your pages. One thing to note, if you are using Google Adwords Planner, you will only get search volume and not actual keyword volume.

If you are an agency working for multiple sites, you can produce clear and straightforward PDF or HTML reports. You have a variety of templates to choose from as well as tailoring them with client logos, web address and the physical business address.

Compared to its competitors, including Ahref and SEMrush that charge more a month for similar functionality, Rank Tracker comes jam-packed with SEO software. The SEO PowerSuite blog does a great job providing tips on how you can utilise the tools they offer to optimise your site.

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