About 1Password

Membership includes watch-tower -- the ideal package of threat-monitoring solutions -- and Travel Mode that will assist you in securing and managing your data whenever you cross boundaries. There exist reasons 1Password may be.

Available across all devices and platforms, 1Password is just a password manager who unites industry-leading security with award-winning design. It's fantastic for families, individuals, and companies of all sizes.

Family accounts comprise up to five relatives as the default option, and 89 percent of families enrolling choose the annual alternative for about $59.88. Constitutes in regards to the business launching at $7.99 per month per employee.

1Password features a group of more than one hundred people located around the entire world. Proudly independent for more than ten years, and trusted with millions of clients in addition to over 40,000 businesses.

The 1Password Story

1Password was set in 2005 by two friends David Teare and Roustem Karimov. Version 0.1 came as an internal tool to successfully handle and share their passwords for both in-house devices and customers' internet sites when designing web sites. It was soon evident that this is something that the world had.

Jump ahead 13 decades and 1Password combines industry-leading security along with also an award-winning design is the very adored security tool available on the industry. You are using extensions and applications such as Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome, Opera, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.