AtomPark Software

AtomPark Software is your best email marketing software to help businesses find a target audience, clean email lists, and run bulk mailing campaigns. The software is top-rated among email marketers, outreach managers, and individual entrepreneurs.

Mail Sender

Atomic Mail Sender is a professional email developer, high-performance mass emailing software application for your marketing campaigns.

It allows you to manage the e-mail chain and send out company email campaigns to an endless number of recipients. Sending out bulk e-mails has never been so easy. Download the program for e-mail sending out from the site and run it.

Using this Atomic Mail Scheduler, you can send HTML emails much faster than you can picture. The program for sending e-mails to email operates in multi-threaded mode, which provides high-speed sending out. Even with the slow connection, you can send hundreds of messages in simply a minute.

Before blasting your whole email list, you ought to validate it initially with the Email Checker tool. Otherwise, many of your e-mails could end up as spam. Individualize your newsletters, look for spam, remove invalid addresses and send out an endless email broadcast.

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Email Hunter

A targeted e-mail list is a primary step towards the success of your email project. As soon as you add the site addresses, Online Emails Extractor will collect and harvest thousands of eligible email addresses from them in minutes.

Atomic Email Hunter is a powerful service email service for various companies. You can use the mailbox plugin to extract addresses from your e-mail account. It does not matter if the e-mail addresses are in your email contact list or the email message body.

Filtering rules help exclude nasty e-mails from search, which allows you to improve your advertising campaign significantly. You can personalize the search geography (if you are in America, you can collect USA email addresses).

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Mail Verifier

Not sure that your extracted email addresses are legitimate? It’s wise to use our list supervisors, a complete package that assists you in confirming and structure your e-mail lists. Not every send-out mass e-mail software application can deal with verifying the addresses in such various ways.

Atomic Mail Verifier helps you out to avoid sending projects to non-existent email addresses. So, if you have countless e-mails on your list, e-mail campaign tools will get the fastest way to improve email list deliverability.

Another excellent reason to utilize an e-mail verification service is to guarantee you have genuine leads. The email validation tool verifies e-mails in 3 steps, enabling you to inspect addresses rapidly and effectively. Email validation service is carried out in multithread mode, using all the advantages of the legitimate e-mail checker.

Unlike other online e-mail crawlers, their corporate email finder has a unique configuration that allows you to manage the extraction speed. It protects your software application and keeps your IP address from being obstructed. Take pleasure in the advantages of a fast and quality e-mail extractor using online search while you unwind and enjoy your cup of coffee!

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