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Driven by the idea of carefree online living, Avira offers powerful security, performance, and management solutions for a variety of devices. We are at the forefront of the freemium business model and protect the digital lives of 100 million users around the world with our products.

Avira Promo Codes & Coupons

Avira Prime
All-in-one premium services for your needs! 10 premium products for up to 5 devices such as Antivirus + Phantom VPN + Software Updater and more.
For Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Antivirus Pro:
Our award-winning antivirus already protects you at the browser level against all types of malware (ransomware, viruses, Trojans, phishing).
For Windows & Mac

Phantom VPN Pro:
Our self-developed VPN lets you surf safely and anonymously and allows access to regionally blocked pages.
For Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

Software Updater:
Keeps 120 of the most frequently used programs always up to date and automatically closes any security gaps.
For Windows

System Speedup Pro:
Gives your PC more speed, storage and privacy. He is thus less prone to crashes and again as fast as the first day.
For Windows

Optimization Suite
Powerful, cloud-based AI that stops emerging threats in real time. Prevents ransomware from encrypting your data. Secures your banking and shopping.
For Windows

Identity Scanner
Avira Identity Scanner helps you to prevent financial damage due to data misuse. Search the Internet for your personal information. Competent immediate help with identity theft.

Total Security Suite
Experience the total security 3 in 1 package (Avira Antivirus Pro + System Speedup Pro + Phantom VPN Pro)
Privacy, protection, and performance – all wrapped in one.

In addition to these stand-alone products, Avira products also include attractive bundles.

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