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Inspired by the idea of care-free on the web alive, Avira presents robust security, performance, and handling solutions for various devices. We have reached the forefront of this freemium business version and protect the electronic lives of 100 million users all over the globe together with your products.

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Avira Prime
Complete premium services for the requirements! 10 top products for upto 5 devices like anti virus + Phantom VPN + Software Updater and more.

Antivirus Pro:
Award winning anti-virus protects you at the browser level against all sorts of malware (ransom-ware viruses, Trojans, phishing).
For Windows & Mac

Phantom VPN Pro:
Avira’s self-developed VPN enables you to browse anonymously and safely and allows usage of blocked pages.
For Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

Software Updater:
Keeps 120 among the very regularly used programs always current and automatically closes some security interruptions.
For Windows

System Speedup Pro:
Gives your personal computer more rate, storage, and more privacy. He’s so more prone to crashes and as speedy since the first moment.
For Windows

Optimization Suite
Strong, cloud-based AI that prevents appearing threats in real-time. Prevents ransom-ware from penetrating your own data. Secures your shopping and banking.
For Windows

Identity Scanner
Avira Identity Scanner enables to stop financial damage because of data manipulation. Search the net for the own personal info. Competent immediate aid with identity theft.

Total Security Suite
Experience the Entire safety 3-in-1 bundle (Avira Antivirus Pro + System Speedup Pro + Ghost VPN Pro) Privacy, protection, and performance all wrapped in one.

Along with those stand alone products, Avira products also have bundles that are attractive.

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