Dashlane applications on PC, Mac, Android, along with iOS have helped more than 8 million users secure and manage their own digital identity.

Dashlane enables users to:

  • Secure password storage
  • Auto-login on popular sites
  • Change and generate your passwords in moments
  • Auto-fill forms around the net
  • Earn online shopping simple with stored credit cards and receipts from your digital wallet

Dashlane is a mobile and desktop app that gives you a shortcut for everything you do online. Log in instantly, fly through forms, and breeze through checkouts on every device you own without compromising on security.

  • Fill forms fast with one-click logins & autofill for personal info and payment details.
  • Works everywhere on every device, across platforms and operating systems.
  • Prevent breaches and hacks by automatically enforcing strong password habits.
  • Respond quickly to data breaches with personalized security alerts and Dark Web Monitoring.


  • Sync all your information between devices
  • Buy tickets and book travel easily by autofilling everything from your address and credit card to your passport number
  • Built-in VPN lets you access the content you want when you want it


  • Fill out addresses and payment details in just a click
  • Sign in automatically and never miss out on a time-sensitive sale


Dashlane is a lifehack: It makes what you're already doing better, faster, safer, and more efficient:

  • Always have the right password when you need it
  • Fill forms in a single click
  • Don't hunt for your credit card. Fill your payment details instantly.
  • Share passwords easily


  • Built-in VPN lets you access the content you want when you want it
  • Buy tickets on the fly


You need to be able to run your business anywhere—and Dashlane goes with you

  • Always have your most important info and accounts when you're on the move
  • Transact securely with VPN

Dashlane is currently critically-acclaimed by high media such as The New York Times, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and a lot more.