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They provide a selection of flavor profiles and styles, for example, yummy delicate, indulgent Satin Crèmes, truffles liqueur filled chocolates, and much holiday favorites.

A Tradition of all Craft

Out Las Vegas from the Nevada desert that is arctic can be an oasis of fresh-crafted chocolates.

Together with her classic recipes, the fantasy of sharing small batch chocolates of Forrest came to be.

Located in the core of the desert and also heat, Forrest moved to create fillings and their chocolates directly so the product quality of the chocolates could not be jeopardized. Ethel M chocolates gourmet chocolates are all infused with an accurate combination of mathematics, and love, art, and the outcome is something bewitching.

Now, Ethel M Chocolates remain made without the additives in tiny batches, together with only the freshest and finest ingredients. Ethel M Chocolates invites one to see their own specialization premium chocolates. Enjoy!


Ethel M Chocolates are created using fresh ingredients without additives. In reality, nuts that are particular are ground by them, create caramel, also mix flavors that our own for peak freshness.

Packed by Hand

You won't obtain much automation inside their own mill. Their team of chocolatiers packs every box and each. Each box includes an individual touch.

Small Batches

Most of Ethel M's fine-crafted fillings are created in tiny batches. No mass production.