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About iolo

iolo Technologies produces tune-up applications that optimize operation, repairs and protect computers that are tabbed. The American Business Awards acknowledged iolo at the best performing U.S. Company of this entire year in 2009 and 2010. Customer reviews report which of these products are simple yet potent and act as promised.

1. iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

Full overall functionality, protection, and privacy for digital existence. Phoenix 360 could be the ultimate package of 7 incorporated applications programs and multi-device software that Boost the rate and stability of one's computers, identify and remove malware, viruses, spyware and adware, secure and protect your internet identity by helping anonymous surfing, quitting ad-trackers, procuring your passwords and fully automating the log in experience across all devices and internet sites.

2. iolo System Mechanic 19 Pro

Protect and tune the PC automatically. Combining data security services and products and five iolo PC tune-up, System Mechanic Professional is so forth, and what that you want to keep your PC safe, fast.

3. System Mechanic 19

Repair your registry; System Mechanic provides you to optimize hard drive clutter completely, defragment memory and drives, and optimize internet and system settings.

4. System Mechanic Business

Revive equilibrium and the rate of the PCs on your workplace. System Mechanic Business delay PC replacements can assist you in eliminating activities, boosting productivity, and reducing its prices.

5. iolo Privacy Guardian

Helps guarantee anonymous web surfing, thwarts digital presence, your internet habits, keeps your search history confidential, helps in preventing identity theft and prevents ad-trackers from after you online. Secure your private life using Privacy Guardian.

6. System Shield 4 AntiVirus and AntiSpyware

Expel stubborn PC pests and avoid future infections without a system lag. iolo System Shield offers triple-certified protection while maintaining PC performance, which means that you can shop, bank, and also interact on the web minus the threat of viruses spyware, as well as different threats.

7. Search and Recover 5

Recover back system records, songs, photos, email, videos, restore deleted files, and folders.

8. DriveScrubber 3

DriveScrubber erases your hard disk drive data, ensuring the private records won't ever be retrieved and surpassing the Department of Defense security standards.

9. Malware Killer

iolo provides a higher level, on-demand malware detection, and removal of many different latest threats. Malware Killer effortlessly and safely removes AVs that are malware that is invasive may overlook.

10. ByePass

It helps protect your identity by protecting passwords against hackers along with simplifying the control process.