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LollicupStore USA

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LollicupStore is definitely an online tea maker, and cafe under Lollicup USA, Inc., the greatest bubble-tea supplier at the U.S. and also a big supplier of food service disposables. Lollicup Store delivers a large selection of products required for managing a teahouse, a restaurant or restaurant. Services and products include dessert ingredients and specialization drink, disposables and more!

Lollicup USA’s brands, Including Karat, Karat Earth, Tea Zone, and Entire Sterile Are All LollicupStore specialties. Tea Zone can be a provider including boba tea leaves, fresh fruit syrups, powders and much more. They also take a selection of disposables out of Karat Earth traces along with also our Karat, for example, utensils, lids, straws, cups, food containers and much more.

LollicupStore most famous brands are

LollicupStore additionally includes brand products including, although not confined by, Ghirardelli, Torani, Da Vinci, Monin®, 1883 Maison Routin, Big Train, Cappuccine, Blendtec and more. Even a choice of products lets the Lollicup Store function as one-stop-solution for restaurant supply requirements and many of you drink.





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