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LollicupStore is definitely an online tea maker, and cafe under Lollicup® USA, Inc., the greatest bubble-tea supplier at the U.S. and also a big supplier of food service disposables. Lollicup Store delivers a large selection of products required for managing a teahouse, a restaurant or restaurant. Services and products include dessert ingredients and specialization drink, disposables and more!

Lollicup USA’s brands, Including Karat®, Karat® Earth, Tea Zone® and Entire Sterile ™ Are All LollicupStore specialties. Tea Zone can be a provider including boba tea leaves, fresh fruit syrups, powders and much more. They also take a selection of disposables out of Karat Earth traces along with also our Karat, for example, utensils, lids, straws, cups, food containers and much more.

LollicupStore most famous brands are:

LollicupStore additionally includes brand products including, although not confined by, Ghirardelli®, Torani®, Da Vinci ®, Monin®, 1883 Maison Routin®, Big Train®, Cappuccine®, Blendtec® and more. Even a choice of products lets the Lollicup Store function as one-stop-solution for restaurant supply requirements and many of you drink.


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