Photolemur works on Mac and PC automatically assesses and perfects your pictures, and does not need any manual participation. Photolemur is created for everybody who chooses photos. Simply drag, drop and leave the remainder to Photolemur, that can accentuate them attractively with artificial intelligence, smart technology and also a little bit of magic.

Photolemur Utilize smart Creations for Nearly All BUT it can edit photos the older way

The eye sees the world a lot more than any camera may reproduce, which means you can well be let down with the immediate results that you see on the monitor. Unless you are a professional photographer with years of photo editing experience, then you probably won't have the ability to revive screen the impression that you had at the present time that the photo had been shot.

Many people are not able to afford costly gear or wish to spend hours viewing photos. Rather than everybody wishes to know what layers and curves are all. This is exactly why an incredible number of amazing photos never have shared and sometimes looked over.

They've established an automatic photo helper that enriches your graphics being a professional photographer, but faster with no effort required from you personally. This could be the initial photo augmentation solution which may think for itself.

While Photolemur is remarkably intricate and advanced in the interior, Photolemur all left it simple and beautiful on the surface. There is absolutely no requirement to spend some time learning it simply start it and also obtain far better photos.

The Way How Photolemur works

Photolemur will not possess some hard coded filters or even presets. On the contrary, it applies specially targeted additions to every pixel and thing on your own photo. Photolemur is powered with artificial intelligence which recognizes faces, trees, sky, foliage and more; differentiate involving landscapes, portraits, and macro shots; also uses the appropriate improvements for every kind of image.

Photolemur proprietary technology

At the center of Photolemur can be a remarkable engine. Consider it being a highly effective super computer that assesses thousands and thousands of photos, finds blueprints, and also improves each photo.

Since Photolemur's very first launching, it's examined nearly 1 000-000 pictures, created by all sorts of photographers: by seasoned pro gurus to travel lovers, who utilize action and smartphones cameras to catch the entire world over.