25+ Years of Internet Service Experience

VyprVPN has existed for over a decade, rendering it a skilled industry pioneer being a VPN provider. With advanced encryption, VyprVPN offers users privacy and security while connected on the web.

Zero Content Restrictions

VyprVPN can be built to permit you to gain access to regional articles and internet sites without restrictions.

Publicly Audited VPN

Since the planet's sole publicly audited No Log VPN, VyprVPN has taken the unprecedented measure to separately affirm that they never log your online activity, place, or IP address when working with VyprVPN servers.

Own and Run VyprVPN Infrastructure

VyprVPN is unique within the VPN industry because of engineers and operates all servers and hardware in the order they can optimize servers for streaming.

Beyond the 14 Eyes for Maximum Privacy

VyprVPN also incorporated in Switzerland, where favorable privacy legislation provides extralegal defenses against authorities, companies, or courts wanting to access their servers.

VyprVPN surfaced in 2009 with the journey to provide people who have privacy, access, and security of a free and open Web. VyprVPN parent firm, Golden Frog, was established accordingly to Room 641a, a notorious room in San Francisco at which the NSA was conducting surveillance on AT&T's networks. VyprVPN registered documents with the FCC to create this dangerous activity with their attention but were dismissed. Rather than waiting for that government to protect online users, their answer was to develop Golden Frog to construct tools that help conserve an open and secure online experience while preserving consumer privacy. They're incorporated in Switzerland due to this favorable privacy legislation that reflects their assignment for a business to honor the rights of internet surfers. As the planet's first publicly audited No Log VPN, they've now been separately verified to not log their clients' location, IP address, or online activity.