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Packaged goods manufacturers give away hundreds of billions of dollars a year in coupons. Unfortunately, more than 90% of them go to waste. Why so? Well, some people just never stop to think how much money couponing can save them, while others are too concerned with what others might think of them. Either way, in the US alone, more than $400 billion end up in trash cans every year. In the meantime, using discount codes and coupons can easily help you save 5-15% on your weekly grocery shopping!

What is more, these days you don’t even need to lift a finger to get the best deal. Long gone are the days of hoarding newspaper clippings. You no longer have to show up at the counter with a huge Filofax and nervously flip through it trying to find the right coupon while the shoppers in the line are staring you down. At CouponBre, you can find online coupons and promo codes in a flash! Search coupons by categories, locations or stores to find exactly what you need when you need it. Then simply print out the coupons or have them scanned off of your mobile phone at the checkout.

4 reasons to use promo code coupons

  • To save money

    You would never throw out a 10-dollar bill, so why do you keep throwing out coupons? They have real money value and can help you save thousands of dollars a year.

  • To encourage companies

    Discount codes are a part of brands’ marketing campaigns. When consumers cash them, the promotion is considered successful which encourages companies to give away even more.

  • To offset the rising prices

    The prices can go up for various reasons. But they never seem to go down. Most products and services are overpriced, and you deserve compensation.

  • To be like your favorite celebrities

    Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood, Kristen Bell, and Tyra Banks are not embarrassed to use coupons, so why do you still care what others think?

  • Wealthy people know: it is not about earning more, it is about spending less. Use CouponBre to step up your financial game!

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